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Battlestation Break Down Week #1

Reviewed by Oguz

Last updated at Feb 21st 2020

New Weekly Series!

Welcome to very first post of our new weekly series "Battlestation Break Down". In this series, we will go over our favorite battlestations from the past week, bringing you inspiration and details about each of them.

Since this is also the first time we are doing this, there is a potential that we could change the format of this series based on your feedback. That's why you should let us know what you think.

We also got some brand-new widgets specifically designed to showcase these battlestations. You can simply tap to see more picture or go full screen.

We will be exploring different styles of battlestations with unique focuses; Gaming, streaming, work, etc.

What's a Battlestation?

In case you were living under the rock and somehow ended up on this page :) Not sure if that is even possible but here is the popular definition from urbandicitonary written in 2010 to help you catch things up.

A term referring to a desktop computer setup. Includes the tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard, mouse pad (if applicable), Audio playback and recording devices (if applicable), and even wires/cables.

We thank urbandictionary user `Proged` from 2010 for bringing you up to speed with recent terminology and start our break downs.


I can already hear you ask "Why do we need a series for this? Don't we have subreddits, Pinterest and Instagram for all this?" Well, hear me out.

Look, I started this website because I was spending way too much time online going through similar monitor arms. It wasn't because I was indecisive (well, I'm kind of indecisive but we will kind of ignore that for now). It was because I wanted to see as many options as possible before pulling the trigger on buying one.

We will try to address a similar problem with this weekly series. It is going to be mostly pictures and necessary information about each battle station for you to see what's out there. And when It's time for you to do a make over, you built your taste buds and know what you want.

This looks like a stock photo but I promise you It is not. #7 on our list and It's a great example of how to achieve a great setup without using lots of space or draining your budget. Single Ultrawide monitor, mid-size desk and great result. However I think (as being on this site also); a monitor arm would improve usability of this desk greatly.
Unfortunately, for this setup we only have 1 photo, However I really wanted to share this, because of very smart usage of a wall mounts that save even more desk space. This setup uses 2 individual wall mounts, but I wonder if the same thing can be achieved with a dual monitor wall mount instead.
Triple 27 inch monitor setup with 40" TV, 2 PCs, multiple gaming consoles, a sound system a keyboard and a L-shaped massive desk space? If you aren't digging this setup you might just close this window already. Not only great pictures but we also have lots of details about this battlestation.
#4 is shared by bumbiz. Backdrop boards not only look very aesthetic but also great surface for LED strip lights. Mostly monochrome setup with L-shaped desk and very comfortable gaming chair from noblechairs.
#3 is from twitch streamer jesnic. We have talked about this triple monitor mount from Mount-It! many times on this site. I'm glad to see this guy in action. Additionally, LED panels are mounted using VIVO extra tall mounts.
This battlestation is #2 on our list and posted by kobenambawan. Unfortunately for us, some of the pieces in this setup are DIY, such as desk (made from plywood and covered by vinyl), head phone sand, and monitor risers.
#1. You don't need multiple monitors or crazy big TVs to have something that functions well and looks good at the same time. This is not your average RBG gaming setup. I like how It includes unusual battlestation items like mirrors, wall clock and accessories. Also a huge printer!? I didn't know we still print in 2020. Just kidding ;) this is just beautiful...

What's next?

This post took little over 4 nights to compile (Potentially, also because It's my first time doing this. You made this far, If you think this is interesting and I should continue this series please share this somewhere on the Internet so I can reach more people, and bring you better content next time.

Not only that, but I also spent some time working on the HTML of this page so that if you actually share this on social media It comes with nice pictures and looks good ;) at least in theory...

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