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Best Curved Ultrawide Monitors for MacBook Pro (Review) in 2021

Reviewed by Oguz

Last updated at November 10th, 2020

With their increased screen space, many consumers started picking ultrawide monitors for their setups, and MacBook Pro owners are no exception to this trend.

That is why in this article we will take a look at some of the important things to consider when looking for an ultrawide for apple MacBook Pro laptops. And then we will review some of the best ultrawide monitors for MacBook Pro laptops.

MacBook Pro & Air With Apple M1 Chip and Thunderbolt 4

On November 10 2020, Apple released two new laptops with their brand new Apple M1 processor inside; The new MacBook Air and the new Macbook Pro 13 with M1 Chips.

This new MacBooks with M1 chip and the new Mac Mini released will start shipping in November 17th, and even offer better prices compared to the previous generation.

Apple replaced the Intel CPU they use in Macs, with their original Apple M1 chip that uses 5nm technology.

With this new chip there are changes to what Macs are capable of in addition to video output changes.

First of all, the new Thunderbolt 4 port, which is improved version of the Apple Thunderbolt 3.0 port used in previous generations.

Based on the specs, Apple claims that the new MacBook pro is capable of handling 6K resolution with 60Hz refresh rate, in addition to the built-in Retina display.

USB Type-C Connectivity & Charging

The very first factor that one should consider is the connectivity between the MacBook Pro laptop and the ultrawide monitors, because there is some new technologies introduces recently and that plays an important role when picking an ultrawide monitor.

USB Type-C (or USB-C) is the latest cable standard that changes many aspects of laptops. First of all, no more flipping the usb while inserting it, because USB-C is unidirectional and can go in through both sides.

It is also smaller than the regular USB ports. It can do anything USB port can do but It can also do a lot more.

That's why most of the laptops introduced recently all have USB-C ports, and MacBooks don't even have any other ports anymore.

Compared to regular USB, you can use USB-C port to charge your laptop, or connect your external ultrawide monitor to your laptop. But the best part is, you can do all these things with a single USB-C cable.

That is right, now you can charge your laptop, connect to a display and connect to a USB-C dock using a single cable.

If you carry your laptop around and bring it to desk setup with monitors, now all you have to do is connect it to a single cable

What is The Difference Between USB Type-C and ThunderBolt 3.0 for MacBook?

MacBook laptops come with Thuderbolt 3 instead of USB-C. It's basically Apple's take on USB Type-C, shaped exactly the same and works with all the devices. Apple made slight improvements over USB-C port, however in most cases there should be no differences and can be used interchangeably

Before we move forward with the details Here is the list of all the Macs with Thunderbolt 3.0 connectors, so that you can check if your mac book has the USB-C port.

  • MacBook Pro: model 2016 or later
  • MacBook Air: model 2018 or later
  • iMac: model 2017 or later
  • iMac Pro: all models
  • Mac mini: model 2018 or later
  • Mac Pro: model 2019 or later

If you want to see the differences between ThunderBolt 3 and USB Type-C ports, make sure to watch the 5-minute video bellow to get all the details.

Which Ultrawide Size to Pick for MacBook? 34", 38" or 49"?

There are three main ultrawide screen sizes in the market. These are 34-Inch, 38-Inch ultrawide monitors and 49-Inch super ultrawide monitors. We will consider all these three sizes for MacBook Pro laptops during our review.

Most recent MacBook Pro models should have no problem running 34 and 38-Inch ultrawide monitors, however not every MacBook Pro laptop can handle the huge 49" super ultrawide monitors.

To figure out, if your MacBook Pro can support the super ultrawide or not, there is a simple question than you need to answer. Can your laptop use two external displays. If the answer is yes, then your MacBook Pro will most probably work with the super ultrawide monitors

Actually most monitor manufacturers have a solution for running MacBook's with 49"Inch Super ultrawide monitors. If your laptop doesn't support it natively, you can connect it using 2 USB-C or HDMI cables, and your monitor will handle the rest.

Best Ultrawide Monitors for MacBook Pro

Based on all the factors we have considered about, such as connectivity, screen size, curvature, resolution etc, we have curated a list of the best ultrawide monitors for MacBook Pro.

Our Highlights

  • 5120x2160 Nano LED IPS Panel
  • 5ms (GtG) Response Time
  • Thunderbolt 3 & USB-C Connectivity
  • Built-In Stereo Speakers
  • HDR Support
  • Ultra-thin Frameless Design
  • VESA Mount Compatible
  • 3-Year Limitted Warranty
  • Premium Quality

    Our Highlights

  • 3440x1440 Resolution
  • USB Type-C Connectivity
  • 100Hz Refresh Rate
  • 4ms Response Time
  • AMD FreeSync Technology
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Premium Quality

    Our Highlights

  • 120Hz Refresh Rate with AMD FreeSync 2
  • CES 2019 BOI Award Winner
  • 4ms Response Time with HDR 1000
  • 5120 x 1440p High Resolution
  • 1800R Curved QLED Panel
  • Premium Quality

    LG 38-Inch Curved WQHD Monitor brings LG's high quality IPS panel's to 38-Inch world with 3840x1600p.

    This monitor is a great option for both gaming and productivity as It features 5ms response time with AMD Adaptive Sync.

    USB Type-C connectivity provides single cable desk setup for newer laptops for both display and charging purposes.

    It includes HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort, USB 3.0 ports for additionally connectivity.

    In addition, to great technical specs, this 38-Inch has the sleek design of LG Premium monitors also seen in 49-Inch version.

    more info

    Our Highlights

  • 3840 x 1600p Resolution
  • USB-C Connectivity with 60W Charging
  • 5ms Response Time
  • AMD Adaptive Sync
  • Premium Quality

    LG 34-Inch Curved UltraWide Monitor is an ideal option for video and photo editors with as It has incredible color fidelity with %99 of the sRGB coverage.

    It features LG's elegant dark design and virtually 3-side frameless Panel and height/tilt adjustable VESA monitor stand.

    Built-In USB-C connectivity is capable of handling 4k display, data transfer and charging up to 60W

    more info

    Our Highlights

  • 3440x1440p Resolution
  • HDR 10 Compatible
  • USB Type-C Connectivity
  • 60W Charging With USB-C PD
  • Premium Quality

    BenQ 100Hz 35-Inch Curved Monitor combines gaming and work in to a single monitor with It's FreeSync support and 100Hz refresh rate.

    It's uniquely designed ergonomic monitor stand is fully adjust for height and tilt.

    more info

    Our Highlights

  • 100Hz Refresh Rate
  • 3440x1440p Resolution
  • 1800R Curved Wide Viewing Angle
  • FreeSync with HDR10 Support
  • USB Type-C Connectivity
  • Premium Quality

    ASUS Designo 38-Inch Curved Monitor is a feature packed premium monitor with many brand new technologies built-in.

    It's unique monitor stand base also includes a 15W Qi Wireless charging area for charging mobile devices and tablets.

    Additionally, ASUS co-developed this monitors 10W stereo speakers with Harman Kardon for incredible performance.

    Speakers can be used by the computer connected through HDMI or USB type-C, but Bluetooth connectivity is also available for music streaming.

    more info

    Our Highlights

  • Embedded 15W QI Wireless Charging
  • 10W Stereo Harman Kardon Speakers
  • ASUS Sonic Master Technology
  • ASUS Eye-Care Technology
  • 3840x1600p Resolution
  • 2300R Curved IPS Panel
  • Bluetooth Music Streaming
  • USB Type-C Connectivity
  • Premium Quality

    Our Highlights

  • 1500R Frameless VA Panel
  • 3440 x 1440p Dual QHD Resolution
  • 100Hz Refresh Rate
  • USB-C Docking with Charging
  • PowerSensor Motion Sensor
  • Built-in KVM Switch
  • Philips LowBlue Mode
  • 4-Year Advance Replacement
  • Premium Quality

    Dell U-Series 38-Inch Curved LED Monitor combines many features such as Bluetooth, and window management in a great size of 38-Inch Ultrawide Panel.

    It comes with KVM support which let's you control two computer with single set of keyboard and mouse.

    more info

    Our Highlights

  • 3840x1600p WQHD Resolution
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
  • Easy-Arrange Window Management
  • Multi-Computer Support (KVM)
  • USB-C Connectivity & Charging
  • Dual 9W Stereo Speakers
  • Premium Quality

    Our Highlights

  • 2300R Curved IPS Panel
  • 3840x1600p Resolution With HDR10
  • HDMI 2.0 & USB-C Connectivity
  • Included ViewSplit Software
  • 3-Year Coverage
  • Premium Quality

    View all ultrawide monitors for MacBook Pro:

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