Best Monitor Arms for UltraWide Monitors (Review) in 2020

By Oguz
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Last Updated: 5 Feb 2020

Now that you got your shiny new UltraWide monitor, you want to step up your game and get a monitor arm to get more usable space out of your desk. However, you will quickly notice that most monitor arms on the market aren't able to support Super UltraWide and some of UltraWide monitors.

Which is why we have curated some of our favorite UltraWide (34 inch) and Super UltraWide (49 inch) monitor setups which use monitor arms for additional flexibility and for anyone who wants more space and organization for a perfect working environment.

The main factor to consider when buying a monitor arm for an ultrawide monitor is the monitor arm's maximum weight capacity. For most 34-35 Inch wide monitors this shouldn't be a deal breaker. However, for 49 inch Super Ultrawide monitors won't be support by most of the monitor arms on the market.

Very clean and minimal setup with 35 Inch Curved AGON UltraWide attached to a fixed monitor arm.

Monitor arms that support ultra wide monitors are usually marketed as heavy duty. For example, 49 Inch LG Ultrawide monitor is 33.5 lbs (15 kg). This is the upper limit for most heavy duty monitor arms. Make sure to check `heavy` when using our monitor arm finder to see the ones that can support this weight.

Dell Ultra Sharp 49 Inch with white flexible monitor arm. This is one of the heaviest monitors on the market with due to it's size, Thus the monitor arm is specifically picked for this setup.

In addition to these, you will need to decide if you need the arm to be fixed or height adjustable. This is an important factor when it comes to monitor arms, because heavy duty monitor arms are usually a lot more expensive compared to the regular ones. This might be enough to convince you to get a fixed monitor arm.

The monitor arm used in the setup above is one of the nicest monitor arms in the market. It's fully flexible while having maximum weight capacity of 42 lbs, which is rare for maniy flexible monitor arms. Additionally, this monitor arm offers invisible cable management through it's body, and makes cables almost invisible

The setups above and below use a fully adjustable monitor arm that is strong enough to carry the 34 inch Ultrawide monitors.

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