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Best Alexa Built-In TVs (Review) in 2022

Reviewed by Oguz

Last updated at November 30th, 2020

Smart TVs are becoming the new standard when It comes to TV, however your TV can be even smarter if It is connected to the Amazon Alexa.

In this article, we will go over the benefits and features of Alexa Smart TVs and then we will review the best Alexa built-in TVs that are on the market.

What is Amazon Alexa for TVs?

Before we go over the features of Amazon Alexa, It is important to quickly recap what Amazon Alexa is.

Amazon Alexa is a smart home ecosystem, that can control many devices in your come through voice activated microphones.

These devices can range from smart light bulbs to air condition to security systems and even the TV.

The Difference Between Alexa Built-In and Alexa Compatible?

So you might realize that many devices that are controlled by Alexa generally certified or labeled as works with Alexa, or they are compatible with Alex.

However, when It comes to TVs there is a difference between Alex Compatible TVs and Alexa Built-in TVs.

LG 4K Alexa Built-In TV displaying Alexa Dashboard

And this distinction is very important when It comes to what a smart TV can do using Alexa ecosystem.

Alexa is a voice activated system, and control devices using Alexa, you will need a Alexa device such as Amazon Echo, which is a speaker with Alexa microphone.

However this setup can quickly get cumbersome as you will need Amazon Echo in every single room that Alexa can be controlled from.

This is where the Alexa Built-In TVs come to play these TVs aren't just controllable by Alexa, but they enable users to access Alexa without needing additional speakers and microphones for the room.

For example, some of the Alexa Built-In TVs provide a smart remote controller, which includes a microphone that Alexa can listen to and respond.

This is a great combination if your smart home setup is already built-in using Alexa ecosystem.

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