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5 Best Free-Standing Monitor Arms (Review) in 2022

Reviewed by Oguz

Last updated at February 6th 2020

Free standing monitor arms are very similar to the original monitor mounts that monitors come equipped with from the manufacturer. However in some cases, freestanding monitor arms can still offer additional functionality.

Why Free Standing Monitor Arm?

One of the main setups that people prefer freestanding monitor mounts is if they can't attach a C-clamp to their desk. That could be caused by thin/thick tables or glass tables.

Additionally, wall mount arms can usually support heavier monitors, compared to desk stands as they attach directly to the wall. As long as you aren't damaging your wall, wall mounts provide the most flexibility.

Our Favorite Free-standing Monitor Arms

The main thing we care about when it comes to freestanding monitor stands is its' sturdiness. Unlike other mounting methods, these mounts aren't secured to the desk. So whenever you move the monitors or the desk itself it might wiggle. Based on all of this, here are our favorites.

Because of the panel behind the desk other mounting options such as C-clamp and wall mount wouldn't work in this setup.

WALI Free Standing Triple Monitor Desk Mount offers the most convenient setup for triple monitor users. Unlike adjustable arms, WALI's the height adjustment moves all monitors together keeping all 3 monitors perfectly aligned at all times.

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Our Highlights

  • 10-Year Protection
  • Offers Additional C-Clamp system
  • Popular ChoiceGreat Value

    VIVO Dual Monitor Free-Standing Desk stand is one of the easiest yet monitor arms to install. It is very similar to most factory made monitor stands, however It is capable of handling 2 monitors.

    If you aren't able to attach a C-clamp or grommet style mounting bases, then this can easily bring the monitor arm world to you without making any other changes to your setup

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    Our Highlights

  • Detachable VESA plates
  • Heavy-duty base
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Popular ChoiceGreat Value
    Design of the base plate is important as that will be visible withing the setup.

    Best Looking Triple Monitor Stand

    Most monitor miss the design element of the product, however VIVO Black Triple Monitor Stand combines sturdiness with a great design, creating a great combination

    Similar to It's dual monitor version, this monitor arm is also capable of holding monitors up to 22 inches

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    Our Highlights

  • Elegant Base Plate Design
  • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Detachable VESA Plates
  • With Silver and Black color options, AmazonBasics Premium Wall Mount Monitor Stand can easily be part of any workspace. White color is something we aren't used to seeing when it comes to monitor arms, however if your trying to get that perfect look, the color of the monitor arm is gonna be crucial as this type of stands are a lot more visible compared to C-Clamp arms.

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    Our Highlights

  • White Color Option
  • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Unique Design
  • Great Value
    Sturdy base is crucial for triple monitor setups.

    WALI Dual Monitor Vertical Stand enables different configurations for your desk setup. Depending on the application, It could be used in a standing position with some additional accessories. The pole is about 31.5 inches tall and each monitor is on top of one another.

    It can be used with straight and curved monitors. The base is heavy which supports both monitors safely.

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    Our Highlights

  • Dual Vertical Monitor Placement
  • Grommet-Base Included
  • 10 Year Protection
  • Popular ChoiceGreat Value
    Free-Standing Dual Vertical Monitor Stand

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