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Best 49-Inch Super Ultrawide Monitors (Review) in 2022

Reviewed by Oguz

Last updated at October 14th, 2022

49-Inch monitors were very rare and expensive compared to their main competitor, 27-Inch monitors a couple of years ago. However, we have started to get new monitors from major brands almost every year which is making them more affordable with even better specs.

In this article we will be discussing everything you need to know about Super Ultrawide monitors and review some of the best 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitors for you to make a decision.

Before we start going over the different aspects of 49-Inch monitors, here is the list that includes all the 49-Inch super ultrawide monitors on the market including their resolutions and refresh rates.

All 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitors

Depending on your main use case, productivity or gaming, feel free to sort the list below by resolution or refresh rate and go through couple of options to see what they have to offer.

Brand Resolution Curvature Refresh Rate Response Time Sync Technology Port
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Dimensions of 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitor

First question that comes up about 49-Inch ultrawide monitors is their size. It is understandable that making sense of the size of these huge curved monitors is difficult at first.

However there is a simple way to visualize the size of 49-Inch ultrawide monitors that will help you understand if It would with your work or gaming space.

27 inch monitors are the most common size of external computer monitors on the market, you have probably seen or used one. 49-Inch Super Ultrawide wide monitor is basically two 27 inch monitors placed side by side.

Difference Between Using Dual Monitors vs 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitor

The first difference is the frame. It might feel sound a subtle difference but having no frame in between two monitors is one of the main differences that alters the whole experience of super ultrawide monitors.

Usually in dual monitor setups, one of the monitors ends up being the primary monitor that you use for the main applications. Hence, the user can never utilize both of the screen as efficient as possible.

Dell Ultra Sharp 49" Monitor with built-in Picture-by-Picture and USB Type-C

That is mainly because you can’t be at the same distance from two monitors. If you sit in a position that you are in the middle, frames of both monitors will be directly in front of your vision, you will be tilting your head slightly to left or right at all times.

49-Inch Resolutions: 1080p, 1440p and 4K

Resolution is directly correlated with the aspect ratio, while aspect ratio describes the shape of the monitor, resolution describes the image quality of the monitor by telling us the number of pixels located in that area.

The more pixels you have in a smaller area, pixels become smaller and less noticeable by the human eye, which increases the overall quality of the monitor.

ACER 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitor with built-in stereo speakers

Every 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitor has the same aspect ratio by definition, which is 32:9. However each ultrawide monitor might have different resolution hence different image qualities, so you should pay attention to these numbers.

That being said, lower resolution isn't always a sign of a lower quality product. For example gamers might prioritize response time and refresh rate over resolution, as higher resolution doesn't always result in competitive advantage, while seeing things before other players is a big win.

Before we talk about 49-Inch monitor resolutions, let’s quickly get the terminology out of the way, so that we know what we are talking about. These are the main 27-Inch monitor resolutions:

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080p (16:9)
  • QHD 2560 x 1440p (16:9)
  • 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p (16:9)

If you have noticed, these are all in 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning that these do not apply to 49-Inch monitors. However, these are still used to explain the resolutions of 49-inch monitors, and here is how.

There are currently two main resolutions for super ultrawide monitors on the market, and these are:

  • 3840 x 1080p (32:9)
  • 5120 x 1440p (32:9)

Simply put, 3840 x 1080 Super Ultrawide Monitor is two Full HD (1920x1080p) 27 inch monitors side by side. And 5120 x 1440p 49-Inch monitor is two QHD (2560x1440p) monitors side by side.

Given these numbers, even though they are much higher for ultrawide monitors, we don’t get higher quality images compared to 27-Inch monitors, It is simply because the surface of the monitor is bigger.

To wrap things up, there are currently two main 49-inch super ultrawide resolutions on the market, these are Full HD and QHD. There are currently no 4K or 8k Ultra HD ultrawide monitors on the market.

Gaming With 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitors

One of the use cases for 49-Inch super ultrawide curved monitors is improving the gaming experience. Unlike productivity, 49-Inch monitors are game changers for gaming and there are couple reasons for it.

Combined with bigger display area and screen curvature, 49-Inch monitors create an immersive gaming experience for the gamers whether the goal is to improve the experience or competitiveness.

When It comes to gaming, more information you have, more competitive you get which is why competitive gamers are absolutely hooked to the much higher field of view you get with 49-Inch monitors.

With the latest improvements in display panel technology, now gamers don't have to comprise when It comes to refresh rate and response time when using 49-Inch monitors either.

Best Refresh Rate for 49-Inch Gaming Monitors

Refresh rate defines how many frames are displayed every second, and It's something competitive gamers can't live without.

Most 49-Inch monitors had the standard 60Hz refresh rate up until recently. However, in the past year, manufactures started releasing high refresh rate 49-Inch gaming monitors

Samsung 49" Ultrawide Gaming Monitor with 240Hz refresh rate

There are now many 49-Inch ultrawide gaming monitors with high refresh rates that don't break the bank anymore. Some of the most popular refresh rates for 49-Inch monitors are:

Picking between these 3 different refresh rates, It is important to refer to your graphics cards specs to see which one would work the best.

49-Inch Gaming Monitors with AMD FreeSync and NVDIA G-Sync

In addition to the high refresh rate, the other thing to consider is the variable refresh rate technology that the monitor supports. It allows graphic card to sync its frame rate with the monitor's and provide smoother visuals.

These two technologies are NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync. Now there are 49-Inch super ultrawide monitors with both of these options available. This also depends on the brand of the graphics cards you have.

In addition to these 2 variable refresh rate technologies from NVDIA and AMD, there is Adaptive Sync Technology. Unlike the previous 2, this isn't a propriety technology, It is an industry-wide standard.

1000R vs 1800R Curved 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitors

When it comes to 49-Inch ultrawide monitors, all of them have a curved display surface to make it much easier to use. And there are currently two differently curved monitors on the market, these are: 1800R and 1000R.

This number specifies how curved is the monitor, and it measures the radius of the circle if it were a complete circle. With this notation, when the number is smaller curvature of the monitor is much higher, and when the number is higher surface is more flat.

1800R and 1000R 49-Inch ultrawide monitors are very different physically, and It is important to pick the right one for the use case.

1000R ultrawide monitors are a lot more curved and creates a very immersed experience especially for the games. However, 1800R monitors might be easier to use especially for daily tasks.

Aspect Ratio of 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitors

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height of a shape, in this case it's the width and height of the monitor’s screen. This term doesn't imply the quality of the image, it just communicates the shape of the monitor.

In case of 27 inch monitors, aspect ratio is 16:9 meaning that it’s width of 16 units and height of 9. This is called widescreen aspect ratio. 16:9 is currently the most widely used aspect ratio not only for computer monitors but also for movies and photography.

Aspect ratio comparison of Wide, Ultrawide and Super Ultrawide monitors

Moving on is the 21:9 aspect ratio which is also known as Ultrawide aspect ratio. 34 inch Ultrawide monitors have the aspect ratio of 21:9. That is almost %30 wider than the 27 inch monitor.

And this brings us to the 49-inch Super Ultrawide monitors with an aspect ratio of 32:9. As you will notice It’s simply twice as wide as the 27 inch monitors with the aspect ratio of 16:9, but the height is still the same.

The Best 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitors

Based on everything we have talked about so far, such as aspect ratio, resolution, connectivity and other factors, we have curated a list of top super ultrawide monitors on the market.

Our Highlights

  • 3440x1440p QHD Resolution
  • Quantum Mini LED Panel
  • 1000R Curvature
  • HDR 2000 Certified
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
  • NVIDIA G-Sync
  • VESA Mount Compatible
  • Premium Quality

    Samsung Odyssey 49-Inch ultrawide monitor is the ultimate gaming monitor with It's incredible 240Hz refresh rate.

    more info

    Our Highlights

  • 3440x1440p QHD Resolution
  • 1000R High Curvature Panel
  • QLED Bigger Color Gamut
  • HDR 1000 Certified
  • Nvidia G-Sync Technology
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
  • 1ms Response Time
  • Premium Quality

    AOC Super Ultrawide Gaming Monitor include many features that gamers want and need such as super low response time of 1ms and 120Hz refresh rate.

    more info

    Our Highlights

  • Remote Control Included
  • 1800R Curved VA Panel
  • 1ms (MPRT) Response Time
  • 120Hz with Adaptive-Sync
  • 5120 x 1440 Resolution
  • DisplayHDR 400 Certified
  • USB-C Charging up to 65W
  • Built-in KVM Switch
  • 1yr Accidental Damage Coverage
  • Premium Quality

    Our Highlights

  • 5120x1440p QHD Resolution
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • QLED Display Panel
  • 1800R Curvature
  • HDR400 Technology
  • USB-C Connectivity
  • Adaptive Sync
  • Premium Quality

    Our Highlights

  • 144Hz Refresh rate
  • 3840 x 1080p Resolution with HDR
  • RADEON Free Sync 2
  • 1800R Curvature
  • DisplayHDR 400 Certification
  • Premium Quality

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