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Best 360Hz Gaming Monitor (Review) in 2022

Reviewed by Oguz

Last updated at November 30th, 2020

Gamers are obsessed with improving, they improve their game and they improve their gaming setup which makes them even more competitive.

Knowing that monitor manufacturers are in a race for bringing the highest refresh rate monitors to the market.

In this articles, we will go over some of the things you should consider when buying a high refresh rate gaming monitor and we will review the best 360Hz gaming monitors on the market.

Update: Some of the 360Hz gaming monitors are just launched and they are shipping, we have more information below.

Asus ROG Swift 360Hz gaming monitor with 1ms GTG response time

Average computer monitors refresh rate is around 60Hz, which measures how many still frames displayed on the screen every second to create an illusion of movement for our eyes.

Evolution of 360Hz Gaming Monitors

However competitive gamers realized that this creates latency which slows their reaction time down.

To prevent this issue, manufacturers started releasing high refresh rate monitors targeted for competitive gamers.

This trend started with 120Hz refresh rate gaming monitors and quickly scaled up to 144Hz and later on 240Hz gaming monitors.

However like every other technology, now we are seeing better refresh rate monitors being launched with additional features built-in such as 360Hz refresh rate.

What Is NVIDIA G-Sync 360Hz Technology?

One of the driving forces behind this new 360Hz refresh rate technology is Nvidia and their new G-sync capabilities.

If you are interested in competitive gaming hardware, make sure to watch the video below as, Nvidia explains their new ultra high refresh rate display technology.

Based on the press releases so far, all new 360Hz gaming monitors coming to the market will have Nvidia G-Sync's variable refresh rate technology.

The New Esports Mode for 360Hz Gaming Monitors

One of these new Nvidia features is the new G-Sync Esports mode specifically designed for competitive and professional esports players.

All new G-Sync supported 360Hz monitors will come with this new mode, which configures monitors with presets specifically designed for esports games.

There is an online interactive demo which helps you visualize how esports mode changes the visibility of game scenes.

What Is NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer?

With display technology becoming more and more competitive, NVidia is able to pin point the inefficiencies within the system. That is why the new 360Hz gaming monitors will include the new Reflex Latency Analyzer.

Nvidia argues that the most well known performance measurement of FPS (frames per second) isn't very effective, and It suggests calculating the over all reflex latency of the system.

The video above the whole new approach NVidia is taking to bring new tools to customer with thew new analyzer.

All Upcoming 360Hz Gaming Monitors & Release Dates

There are currently four 360Hz gaming monitors that are scheduled to be released. These are:

Asus announced that ROG PG259QN would be released in November and It is currently available to purchase on the site.

Very recently MSI announced that their new high performance gaming monitor will be released this November, however they have just updated their website and promising a January launch.

Additionally, Acer Predator X25 has just started taking pre-orders on their Chinese market place, and It is expected to start shipping in U.S. in couple months as well.

Earlier in 2020, Dell promised that the Alienware AW2521H will be released and start shipping in November, and finally the product is listed on their website and ready to order.

360Hz Monitor Prices

There are currently 2 upcoming 360Hz monitors are 2 released monitors on the market. Out of all four monitors we know the price of 3 monitors already.

Acer Predator X25 360Hz refresh rate gaming monitor

The price tag of MSI's new 360Hz 1ms response time gaming monitor is $799. This is definitely a premium gaming monitor targeted to competitive and professional esport players.

And the most expensive one that is currently on the market is ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz selling around $1,000.

And finally the Dell Alienware 360Hz monitor is listed for $899 also available for order currently.

Even though we don't know the price of Acer Predator X25 360Hz monitor yet, we expect that the MSI's new 360Hz monitor will be the cheapest 360Hz monitor on the market.

Since the other new 360Hz monitors mostly share similar base specs, It is expected that the price range will be around $700 to $850 for those monitors as well.

Sizes and Resolution of 360Hz Monitors

360Hz is an incredibly high refresh rate compared to the other monitors on the market and It's a brand new technology. Since this is a cutting edge technology, not everything can fully support this refresh rate.

For example, 360Hz monitor requires almost six times more data bandwidth compared to a regular gaming monitor. Which means that the port between the computer and the monitor should be capable of handling this.

Another thing that effects the data bandwidth is the resolution of the screen, which basically means how many pixels each frame will include.

Most competitive gamers usually prefer smaller screens as It is much easier to look around the monitor, and It prevents eyes from moving constantly.

Given these technical limitations and preferences of competitive gamer's currently the most 360Hz gaming monitors on the market are 25-Inch monitors.

Best 360Hz Gaming Monitors

With the information we have outlined, we are keeping track of the newly released 360Hz Gaming monitors on the market.

ASUS Rog PG259QN is the world's first gaming monitor with incredible 360Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time.

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Our Highlights

  • World's First 360Hz Monitor
  • 1920x1080 FHD IPS Panel
  • ASUS Fast IPS Technology
  • 1ms (GTG) Response Time
  • NVIDIA G-Sync Processor
  • Built-In Cooling System
  • HDR10 Compatible
  • ASUS Eye Care Technology
  • Premium Quality

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