Best Headsets for Playstation 5 (Review) in 2020

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Last updated at August 3rd, 2020

Playstation 5, the next-generation gaming console from Sony, has incredible graphical improvements compared to previous generations.

However, in addition to much better graphics, this time Sony is investing a lot for the sound system of the upcoming gaming console.

In this article, first we will go over the new audio technologies that are coming to Playstation 5 and then we will review the best headsets for Playstation a gaming console.

Sony has already announced the full specs and the design of the upcoming PS5. Interestingly enough, in the sound department there are brand new features and technologies that are introduced.

In Sony's latest technical video released on Youtube, Mark Cerny explained every single aspect of the audio system of the new playstation 5.

It is a long and technical video, the part about the audio technologies in the new Playstation 5 starts around 39:20. If you have some time that you can invest, that is a video you *need to watch.

Playstation 5 Audio Goals

Audio isn't just about playing a sound track during the game, Sony has ambitions goals when it comes to the audio system of the new Playstation 5, and summaries these in three main groups.

  • Great audio for all
  • Hundreds of advanced sound sources
  • Presence and locality

We will go over each of these and see how these reflect when looking for the best headset for the new Playstation 5.

Playstation 5 Introduces 3D Audio

3D Audio is one of the technologies that Sony is talking extensively with the Playstation 5 console release.

Sony is moving to a future in which virtual reality is the key part of gaming, and sound, being one of our senses, is a crucial part of this experience.

3D Audio achieves Sony's biggest and the ambitious goal of presence and locality. Locality in it's basic for is how stereo headphones and speakers came to life in the first place.

That is why Sony uses 3D Audio terminology as this is a lot more advanced than making sound come from just right or left ear.

Imagine a scene where rain drops are falling to the ground. In a scenario like this, every rain drop is at unique distance and angle from the observer.

In this example, no single rain drop should make the same sound when it hits the ground. That is the level Sony wants to achieve.

Built-In Advanced Sounds in PS5

All of these goals and the experience that Sony wants to achieve can not simply be accomplished by improving hardware or the chip design however.

The new Playstation 5 introduces all these advanced technologies, however developers will also need to do their part to use the full potential of Playstation 5's audio system in their games.

All these 3D sounds are actually more than just regular sound files. They are recorded using advanced techniques so that It can be used in a 3D system.

That is what Sony is trying help developers with. With the Playstation 5, Sony will include 100s of advanced sound sources for developers to easily use in their games.

With this investment, Sony is hoping to boost the 3D audio availability in many upcoming game releases without the developers needing to buy-in to the technology.

Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for PS5

With every generation of new gaming consoles, Sony also releases It's own gaming peripherals and accessories for the console as well.

Playstation 5 is no different and Sony has invested a lot in to the audio performance of the new Playstation 5 gaming console.

In addition to the other accessories, Sony is releasing a brand new gaming headset for the new Playstation 5 which is called Sony Pulse 3d Wireless headset.

The official Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for Playstation 5

Not every detail is public about the new headset, but It is expected that Sony will showcase all the brand-new audio technologies in this headset to gamers.

Pulse 3D Headset isn't released yet, however the prices is estimated to be around $159 in the United States.

Headset Connectivity for PS5 Controller

Unlike gaming on a computer, when you are gaming on a console such as Playstation 5, you sit a lot further than the gaming device.

That's not an important thing to consider, unless we are talking about the headset connectivity for the gaming consoles.

In the previous generation of Playstation, audio port is on the controller itself, which makes things a lot more simpler and usable compared to using connecting your headset to the gaming console, which would require a very long cable.

The other option which is becoming more and more popular recently is the wireless headset connectivity. This technology enables headsets to connect to the gaming console without any cables during gaming using the Bluetooth technology.

So far based on the information Sony released about the new Playstation 5, we know that the new PS5 controller will also have a audio headphone jack.

Which is very good news for some of the gamers, who aren't happy about the battery life and latency of the wireless gaming headsets.

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