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Best Wooden Monitor Stands & Risers (Review) in 2022

Reviewed by Oguz

Last updated at Apr 29th 2020

Monitor is one of the biggest items that most people have on their desks. It actually takes a lot more space then most people think as most of the space around the monitor isn't usable space. However there is a way to reclaim all that lost space and achieve more ergonomic monitor setup with using monitor risers.

Here is a quick run down of some of the best wooden monitor stands. We will cover many wooden monitor risers in this article, so make sure to read what we consider important when picking a monitor stand.

  1. Modern wooden monitor stand
  2. DIY wooden monitor stand with Ikea parts
  3. 3-Shelf dual monitor stand
  4. Dark wood monitor riser with storage
  5. Wood monitor riser with drawers
Apple iMac setup with minimalistic wooden monitor riser

There are many different versions of these monitor stands, however ones with storage space or a drawer offer the most productivity in our opinion.

Storage and space isn't the only benefit these monitors stands bring to the table. They also raise the monitor in such a way that It is ergonomically lot more healthier for your viewing and sitting.

Large light colored monitor stand which can be used for dual or ultrawide heavy monitors.

There are many different materials these stands are made of such as metal, wood and plastic. In this article, we will specifically focus on wooden monitor risers as they blend lot better with most furniture.

Wooden monitor stand with two levels of storage. The lower storage can be used for hiding the keyboard and the mouse when they aren't being used.

If your goal is to save money, or if you are feeling creative; there are many tutorials for DIY do it yourself monitor stands and risers online. Most of these project, require some parts from IKEA for the monitor stand. This one is one of our favorite DIY monitor riser.

Additionally there are many different options, if you have a multiple monitor setup. In this case monitor risers are usually wider, so that you can put two monitors side by side, while saving a lot of space underneath and around the monitors.

Wooden dual monitor riser with chrome colored legs . This riser comes in three colors: Natural, brown and black.

Some of these dual monitor risers come as three pieces, we find these models to be a lot more flexible compared to wider ones as they let you arrange them in different positions depending on how you would like the use it.

Ultrawide setup with dark wood monitor riser. This stand can be used for heavy monitors or dual monitor setup.

For example you can put two pieces slightly angled, this way monitors won't be flat and provide a lot more comfortable viewing distance as they create a curvature.

And finally, these three piece wood monitor stands can also be arranged differently creating more or less storage space on your desk. They can be put in such a way that, It creates a gap in the middle as for a drawer or for organizing your desk.

Large monitor stand for ultrawide 49 inch monitor

There are usually three colors that wooden monitor stands are offered in. These are natural, beige or white, dark. You will most like want to pick a color similar to your desk as this will create a more natural look on your desk.

3-Shelf adjustable dual monitor riser which can be arranged in different ways to save space or increase storage.

The monitor stand above is one of our favorite dual monitor risers as it offers three shelf design, which let's you arrange in many different ways. You can put side pieces closer to save desk space or increase the gap to create more storage space within the monitor stand.

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